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Introduction to Volume Discount campaign

Hello store owners!

This article will introduce you to the Volume Discount campaign, a new campaign type of 'BOGO+'. After reading the article, you should know how to properly set up your Volume Discount campaign.

What is Volume Discount?

Volume Discount is a campaign type which encourages customers to purchase a large quantity of particular goods in one go. In this campaign, the discount value will change based on the quantity of the product.

For example: A Volume Discount campaign for Bangle Bracelet product with 3 levels:
Buy 2 Bracelets, save 10% OFF
Buy 3 Bracelets, save 20% OFF
Buy 4 Bracelets, save 30% OFF

The best thing is, the number of levels that you can set up with our app is nearly unlimited (up to 100 levels to be exact). So now, let's get onto the configuration part.

Create a Volume Discount campaign

In this instruction article, we will use this example of setting up a Volume Discount campaign for a Bangle Bracelet product with 3 levels:
Buy 2 Bracelets, save 10% OFF
Buy 3 Bracelets, save 20% OFF
Buy 4 Bracelets, save 30% OFF

Step 1: From app dashboard, click on "Create campaign" → Then, select "Volume discount

Step 2: Fill in campaign information in the "Campaign Info & Configuration" section
Campaign name: used to distinguish with other campaigns, thus it will not be shown on the storefront. So, try to make it as descriptive as possible.
Campaign title: used to display at the top of Deals List on the storefront. We recommend you making it as much intriguing as possible.

Step 3: Products for discount
Select the product(s) or collection(s) that you want to apply discount. For this example, we choose Bangle Bracelet.

Step 4: Discount configuration
When you create a level of discount, each level will be shown in different row.

For this example, the first level is “Buy 2 Bracelet, save 10% OFF”. Thus, we will set it up as below:
Enter "2" in Quantity input: 2
Enter "10" in Discount value input
Select "Percentage" as Discount type

Set up the second and the third levels following the same steps.

Step 5: Highlight offer
Don’t forget to choose the Highlight offer: The offer that you want to recommend to your shoppers.

Please note that if you choose nothing, the first level will be selected by default.

Step 6: Review campaign and publish
All the information about the campaign will appear in the Summary board. You can check your campaign in brief there to see if you've configured everything right.

The Offer list will be enabled by default, so no need to manually turn it on.

After finishing your campaign review, hit Save to publish campaign.

Display on storefront

After publishing, the Volume Discount will then get displayed on Product pages like this:


Last but not least, our dedicated support team are right around the corner. Don't hesitate to reach out to us via in-app chatbox if you face any issues.

Updated on: 08/08/2023

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