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App admin - Quick intro

Welcome to BOGO+!

This is the first article of the series of knowledge base that will provide you the essential terms that you need to know while using our app.

Navigation Menu

Once you've installed app and opened it, you'll be redirect to Dashboard page. In here, you'll see a navigation bar right on top, including the pages that are currently storing data of app.

Dashboard: The home view that includes the report performance of your store's campaigns and some news from developer team.
Campaigns: The list of promotion campaigns that you created using our app
Settings: The customization options that you can later use to adjust campaign style for your store
Knowledge Base: The guide to help you with activating app and some answers to frequent asked question

Dashboard Page

Overview report

From dashboard page, you can track and review your campaigns' performance by looking at the overview report. Each metrics of report will give you the information about performance of your active campaigns, including:

Sale Generated: Total revenue that the active campaigns brought to your store
Active Campaigns: Total number of campaigns that are currently running (with campaign status = "active")
Add-to-cart clicks: Total number of clicks "add to cart" of the active campaigns' popup
Conversion Rate: Average conversion rate of the active campaigns (based on number of items sold by campaign)

Revenue chart

The revenue chart presents the growth of revenue over time that was made through the campaigns that you created with our app. While the vertical axis represents the amount of money(revenue), the horizontal axis represents the time (count by day).

Currently, this revenue chart reflects the revenue stream in the last 7 days by default.

Top performing campaigns table

This table introduces the most well-performed campaigns that are active. Looking through the table, you can see the basic metrics of each campaign that help you to analyze and monitor the performance of each campaign.

Definition of headings in the header rows:

Campaigns: Name of campaign
Type: Campaign promotion type
Clicks: Total number of clicks "add to cart" of the campaign's products
Conversion rate: The conversion percentage that is calculated by having number of items sold by campaign divided to number of clicks "add to cart"
Revenue: The total revenue that you earn from campaign

Campaigns Page

Campaign list

Moving to the next tab in line, Campaigns page contains the list of all the created campaigns of your store. Each column will provide basic information about the campaign, that you can use to distinguish one campaign from another.

Definition of headings in the header row:

Campaign: The name of each campaign that you will create in a new campaign
Status: Includes 2 statuses "Active" or "Inactive" - This is the visibility status of campaign on your store
Type: The promotion type of your campaign
Display page: The pages on storefront that your campaign will appear
Action: Buttons of action towards the campaign which include "Edit" button (pencil icon) and "Delete" button (trash bin icon)

On top of the table of campaign list, you'll also see a search bar. You can use this search bar with filter are "Types" and "Status" to search for the campaign that you need to look up by using its name.

Create new campaign & Campaign editor

Also, once you're inside the campaign page, you can create campaign directly from here. To create campaign, click on the green button "New campaign" on the right, above the table of campaign list.

Once you've clicked on button "New campaign", you can choose the campaign type then it will redirect to you the correspondent campaign editor.

At the moment, there are 5 available campaign types, which are Buy X Get Y, Buy X Get X, Flash Sale, Gift With Purchase and Volume Discount.

To learn about how to create Buy X Get Y campaign, please read more in this article.

Settings Page

Settings page contains the configuration option for you to customize the campaign pop-up, offer table, countdown timer and copyright that will be shown on storefront.

To learn about configuring this page, please read more in this article.

Knowledge Base

This page includes the instruction for you to activate app on your theme. Also, it includes numerous helpful articles from knowledge base for you to access whenever you need document help for app features.


Last but not least, our dedicated support team are right around the corner. Literally mean by the corner, you can always find and ask for support by clicking on the support button on the bottom right corner in app.

So don't hesitate to reach out to us via in-app chatbox if you face any issues.

Updated on: 08/08/2023

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