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Levels function in Buy X Get Y campaign


We’ve learnt how to create a basic Buy X Get Y campaign in the previous article. However, our Buy X Get Y campaign can also allow you to create complicated campaigns with different quantity conditions and discount values.

To be more specific, we've set up a "Buy 2 Cacao Bake get 1 Barry Bucket at 50% OFF" campaign.

However, what if you want to set up another level "Buy 3 Cacao Bake get 1 Barry Bucket FREE" and vice versa.

You can easily do that with our BXGY multi-level feature.

What are the levels in the Buy X Get Y campaign?

The levels in a Buy X Get Y campaign present the tier of a buy x get y discount that you want to offer your customers.

For example, you want to upsell the product ‘Cacao Bake’ by giving away the product ‘Barry Bucket’. If you use a normal Buy X Get Y campaign, you can only set up 1 condition of Buy X Get Y, such as Buy 2 cacao bakes, get 1 barry bucket for free. However, with the functionality of creating multiple levels of condition for Buy X Get Y campaign, you can make the offer more attractive by adding the first level as a bait off then actually generate upselling order at the second level:
Buy 2 cacao bakes, get 1 barry bucket with 50% discount
Buy 3 cacao bakes, get 1 barry bucket for free

Benefits of using multiple levels of Buy X Get Y

Create extra benefits for your customers when they purchase more than the first level of condition
Attract customers to buy more in order to unlock higher-valued offer
Increase average order value per customer

Step-by-step instruction

Step 1: Navigate to the "Levels of Discount & Quantity in Promotion" section, and click "Add a new level"

Step 2: Enter the next level Add-to-cart quantity, Offer quantity as well as the discount value

The new level is "Buy 3 Cacao Bake get 1 Barry Bucket FREE"
- Add-to-cart quantity: 3
- Offer quantity: 1
- Discount type: Percentage, Discount value = 100%

Step 3: Check the final summary and hit save

You can also watch the tutorial below and follow the same steps in live action

Please go to 6:38 to see how to create levels in Buy X Get Y campaign

Storefront function

After successfully creating a multi-level Buy X Get Y campaign and publishing it, you can now check it on your storefront.

Whenever customer change the quantity of product X, in this example is the Cacao Bake product, it will trigger the campaign popup and show the corresponding level of offers:

When 2 cacao bakes are added, popup display 50% discount of barry bucket

When customer increases quantity of cacao bake to 3, popup will show the next free offer of barry bucket

In case a customer has added the level 1’s offer in the cart, when the customer adds the level 2’s offer our app will automatically replace level 1’s offer with level 2’s.


Last but not least, our dedicated support team is right around the corner. Literally mean by the corner, you can always find and ask for support by clicking on the support button on the bottom right corner in the app.

So don't hesitate to reach out to us via in-app chat box if you face any issues.

Updated on: 08/08/2023

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