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Introduction to Customer Tag

Hello store owners!

Would you like to limit the availability of promotions to specific groups of customers to increase personalized promotions, since not every promotion is relevant to all customers? If so, we are thrilled to announce our new "Customer Tag" feature, which allows you to display promotions that are tailored to each group of customers. Currently, this feature is available for the BXGY, BXGX, and Cart Conditional Discount campaigns.

Note: To be able to see the promo, customers with the selected tags must log in to the account created with your store.

Below are the steps to set up your Customer Tag with campaigns:

In this article, we will go with an example of a customer named Jennifer - who has the tag “VIP”.

Step 1: Set the tag for your customers from your store admin

From your Shopify store admin, navigate to the Customers section from the right menu panel. Then, select customers to set the tag and enter the tag you want. In case of you’ve already set up a tag for your customers, please skip to the next step.

For example: We set up for Jennifer a “VIP” tag on the store admin.

Step 2: Set a tag for customers from our app

Choose the campaign which you only want to show for customers with the tag. On the campaign settings, navigate to the Advanced Configuration section.

Enter the tag that you just created from Customers section of your store admin. Continue to the example of Step 1, customer Jennifer has a “VIP” tag. Now, we enter this tag in the text box.

Note: Make sure the tag that you enter in the field is the same as the one that you've created from your Shopify store.

Step 3: Hit Save the campaign

Congratulations! You have set up your Customer Tag successfully.

How to check if it works?

When visiting your online store as a guest, the guest will only be able to view promotions that do not have the tags.

If a campaign has a tag that we have set up, you will need to log in with an available account to be able to view the promotion. For instance, if you log in as Jennifer, who is tagged as a "VIP," she will be able to view and receive the BXGY campaign.

Please see the video for further details:

If you wish to test the campaign to verify its functionality, please keep in mind that:
For BXGY and BXGX campaigns, you must add the correct product that triggers the promotion to your cart to display the promo pop-up
For the Cart Conditional Discount campaign, if you add items to your cart to meet the minimum cart value you have set up, the campaign offer pop-up will appear.


Last but not least, our dedicated support team are right around the corner. Literally mean by the corner, you can always find and ask for support by clicking on the support button on the bottom right corner in app.

So don't hesitate to reach out to us via in-app chatbox if you face any issues.

Updated on: 08/08/2023

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