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Instructions to set up the Buy X Get Y Mix-and-Match products campaign

In this article, we'll walk you through the process of establishing a Buy X Get Y mix-and-match products campaign. Setting up this campaign is an effective strategy to entice customers with compelling offers and boost your sales. Let's delve into the details!

Campaign example

Buy 2, Get 1 Free on Any Product in the whole store

Campaign Type: Buy X Get Y (BXGY)
Customer Add-to-cart: All Products
Customer Gets (Offer): Lezyne Patch/Lever Kit
Promotion Logic: Any Products
Discount Value: Free

Set up the campaign

Navigate to the Campaigns tab and click on +New campaign. Select to create a new Buy X Get Y (BXGY) campaign.

In the Campaign Info & Configuration section, give your campaign a name (this name will be displayed on the Campaign List page in the app) to easily identify it among other campaigns.

For this example, we've chosen the Grab Offer Behavior to be "Auto Add".

Choose the logic type of campaign

Select the Customer Add-to-cart products. Since this campaign is set up for all products, choose Add all collections.

Now, select the Customer Gets (Offer) product, which is the Lezyne Patch/Lever Kit.

Since the condition is "Buy any 2 products and get 1 Free", input the following:
Add-to-cart quantity: 2
Offer quantity: 1
Discount value: 100% by Percentage

Hit Save the campaign

How to check if the campaign working or not?

Go to your online store.
Add 2 products of your choice to the cart. When the campaign's condition of "Buy 2" is met, the free product will be automatically added to the cart.
Proceed to the cart.
Complete the checkout process.
You can refer to this video record

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Updated on: 10/01/2024

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