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Instruction to set up Volume Discount With Any Variants Campaign

Hello store owners! The easiest approach for retailers to increase sales is to let customers choose from a variety of products. Provide them with a discount range and let them choose any colors or sizes they choose, and you will be providing a wonderful shopping experience for your customers.

Now, we will guide you through the steps to set up the Volume Discount with any variants of a product.

Campaign example

Campaign type: Volume Discount
Product name: April Ring
Promotion logic: Any variants
Discount value range: from 10% to 30%

Set up the campaign

Step 1

Navigate to Campaigns tab, clicks on +New campaign, select to create new campaign of Volume Discount.

Step 2

On Campaign Info & Configuration section, name your campaign (it only display on Campaign List page in app) to identify with another campaigns.

Enter for the campaign an attractive title (it will display on your Online Store)

Step 3

Navigate to the Promotion Configuration section, first of all, choose the promotion display logic is Any variants.

Select the Customer buys product. Here we set up with a product is April Ring.

Note: If you select a collection, customer can mix any products within the collection with the discount range set up.

Step 4

Set up the Discount Value by leveraging by Percentage from 10% to 30%. You can also enter the specific discount value with Amount type.

Step 5

Hit Save the campaign and go to Online store to check the promotion now.

The promotion will display like this on your Online Store

How to check if the campaign is working or not?

Go to the Online Store
Navigate to the promotion product which we set up with Volume Discount campaign
On the product page, we can check by 2 ways following:
Add 1 size 6 and 1 size 8
Grab offer from table: Buy 2 save 10% for size 6 and Buy 2 save 10 for size 8
Go to cart
Check out

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Updated on: 08/08/2023

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