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How to include or exclude items with the Gift With Purchase campaign?

Do you want to include a whole products of your store or only a collection for Gift With Purchase campaign? Or are you finding a way to exclude some products or collection that not allow to run the promotion campaign?

This article is a step-by-step guide you set it up in Gift With Purchase campaign.

I. Set it up on Admin

Example: I want to set up a campaign with Customer purchase $30 then they can get a Free gift, except the Summer collection.

Navigate to Choose Campaign Type and clicks on +New campaign of Gift With Purchase

Select your Grab Offer Behavior between 2 options are Manual Selection and Auto-add.

Enter a value customer need to purchase to get gift in Minimum Cart Total (threshold amount)
For example: 30 $

On the Promotion conditions you will see there are 2 options to include in Gift With Purchase campaign

All products: If you select this option, campaign will available for whole store
Specific collections: You need to select specific collection(s) can available for the offer.

Tip: If you want to campaign available for product(s), you can gather it in a collection then select it in Specific collections.

There is only one option to exclude products or collections from the campaign is All products.

To select the products or collections to exclude, tick on the Exclude products/collections box and select the option you want to exclude from the campaign.

For example, my campaign condition is Customer purchase $30 to get a Free gift, however, I need to exclude collection Summers. So the configuration are:
Minimum cart total (threshold amount): 30 $
Promotion conditions: All products
Tick on Exclude products/collections - Select collections: Summer

By configuring the campaign in this way, customers will need to reach a minimum cart total of $30 to qualify for the Free gift, and any products from the "Summer" collection will be excluded from the promotion.

Note: There exclude option is unavailable for Specific Collections and you can only select either specific products or specific collections.

Select the Promotion offers

You need to select product(s) to offer as a gift for the campaign.

Regarding the example, we will select 2 products as offers (gifts): Gift box 1 and Gift box 2.

Enter the Discount value

Depending on the how many discounts you want to give to your customers. At the moment, the campaign available for 4 types of discount value:
New Price

In this example, we will set it as Free.

II. How to check if it work on your Online store?

Let’s follow these steps to check the campaign:

The example of this article includes All products and excludes the collection Homepage

Go with any products on the Online store except Collection Homepage
Add the cart value reach to campaign condition is $30
Click Add to cart
In this case, we select the Grab Offer Behavior as Manual, so the popup is displayed. If it is Auto-add, the notification bar is highlighted, and the gift is added to the cart
Go to cart. Now you can see the discount price is displayed on the cart page (if you using a mini cart/ cart drawer), the discount price should be shown.
Tip: If you can not see anything (or popup, notification bar, discount price), please chat with us to get support.

Let’s Checkout! The discount price should be applied successfully.
Refer to the steps in this Video


Last but not least, our dedicated support team are right around the corner. Don't hesitate to reach out to us via in-app chatbox if you face any issues.

Updated on: 08/08/2023

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