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Free Gift Based On The Customer’s Cart Quantity

Case background

Are you looking for a campaign type that can set up “Buy 2 any products in-store and get a Free item” or “Buy 3 any items in a collection and get an item discount 50% off”?

One of our most popular campaigns is BXGY can help you achieve your needs.

Shop categories fitting this campaign

All categories.

Campaign information

Subject: Offer a Free item if customers buy 2 any products in-store
Campaign type: Buy X get Y (BXGY)
Recommended discount type: Percentage
Recommended discount value: 100% of the original product price

Set up campaign

Step 1: From Shopify admin, go to BOGO+ app Dashboard > Choose to create campaign Buy X get Y (BXGY).

Step 2: Select the Grab Offer Behavior is Popup (manual selection).

Step 3: Choose the logic type of campaign as Any products

Step 4: Select All collections of your store as Customer Add-to-cart by clicking Add all collections.

Step 5:

Select the item that you want to offer with 100% to allow customers to claim it as Free in the Customer gets (Offer) section.
Set the Offer limit as 0 you want the customer to get the Offer item unlimited. Set it as 1 if you want to limit customers to receiving only 1 Offer item on the list.

Step 6: In the Levels of discount and quantity section, set the following:
Add-to-cart quantity: 2
Offer quantity: 1
Discount value: Percentage - 100%

Step 7: Save and check the campaign on your Online store if it working.

How to check the campaign?

Go to the Online store
Add 2 any products to the cart
Add the Offer from the popup
Go to the cart to check if the offer is being added to the cart or not
Check out

You can refer to this screencast.

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Updated on: 16/10/2023

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