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Flash Sale - Official Announcement

Transition of Flash Sale campaign from BOGO+ to SALE+ from January 22, 2024

Starting from January 22, the BOGO+ app will no longer support the creation of new Flash Sale campaigns. Furthermore, certain modifications won't be possible for both active and inactive campaigns.

For active campaigns with a specified end date: These campaigns will persist until the set end date is reached.
For active campaigns without a specified end date: The campaigns will continue until manually deleted.
For inactive campaigns: You can only delete the campaign.

We are pleased to announce the evolution of the BOGO+ Flash Sale campaign into the SALE+ app, an app designed to optimize your sales experience.

Flash Sales Reinvented: SALE+ Offers the Tools You Need to Thrive

Even though BOGO+ stops this feature, We - WizzCommerce will keep improving the Flash Sale feature and releasing new features in the SALE+ app:

⚡️More than just deals, SALE+ is a comprehensive power-up for your sales strategy. Besides the Flash Sale feature, you get to experience a new feature “Price Edit” (Increase and decrease prices in bulk for easy pricing management)
⚡️Craft dynamic pricing campaigns, schedule flash sales, and trigger instant excitement with limited-time offers – all seamlessly within SALE+.
⚡️Bulk edits, countdown timers, and more! SALE+ puts you in the driver's seat of your sales success.

We understand that this sudden change may inconvenience you. As a special incentive for BOGO+ users who embrace SALE+, we offer an exclusive deal:

● Enter FSFREE from 10/1 to 22/2 to use SALE+ FREE forever.

● Enter 3MFREE from 23/2 to 22/3 to get 3 FREE months to use the SALE+.

Based on the original monthly price is $4.85

How to start SALE+ with coupon code?

Install the SALE+ app
Enter the coupon code in the input box
Start your Free trial and use the app FREE forever

Seize the opportunity to explore our cutting-edge SALE+ app by WizzCommerce! - Install SALE+ now

Updated on: 10/01/2024

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