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Discount off based on specific product group

Case background

One of our most popular use cases of the “Volume discount” campaign type was to create a "buy 2 any and get 10% off" or "buy 4 and discount $10 off" in a specific collection.
In this article, we will guide you through the steps to set it up!

Campaign information

Campaign type: Volume Discount
Recommended discount type: Percentage or Amount
Recommended discount value: 10%-50% (depends on the campaign's goal)

Set up campaign

From Shopify admin, go to app dashboard > Choose to create campaign Volume Discount

Choose the Campaign logic type as Any variants

From Customer buys, select the collection that you want the promotion rule to work on it

Navigate to the Discount value section, enter the quantity the customer needs to add to the cart, and get the discount value

With the Volume Discount campaign, the Offer list shows as default on each product page
In this case, it's optional, but we suggest you disable the Offer list to prevent customers from

Hit Save the campaign

How to ensure that it works or not?

Go to your Online store
Navigate to the collection selected on the campaign
Add 1 any product to the cart
Add another product. Now the total cart is 2 and meets the campaign's condition.
Go to cart
Process Checkout

Please refer to this video

Contact support

In case nothing is showing on your Online store, please feel free to contact us via popup chat in the bottom right corner. We are here to help you.

Updated on: 11/01/2024

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