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Customer location

Hello store owner!
Are you looking for how to set up discounts for customers in specific locations? Our feature "Customer location" can work as expected. Now, let's dive into it!

At the moment, this feature is available for all 4 campaigns of the app: BXGX, BXGY, Gift With Purchase and Volume Discount

The Customer location feature is include all location you want the offer to available

Step 1: On the Shopify Admin, navigate to the BOGO+ app

Step 2: Choose campaign type and navigate to the Customer location section of the Advanced Configuration tab

Step 3: Select the country you want to offer to available
E.g: I want to offer to customers who are based in Canada and the United States, so I selected Canada and United State

Once you choose a country option, it will show the country tag below, you can edit or choose a new one. There's no limit the country can be selected.

Step 4: Hit Save the campaign

How to check if it works or not?

Set up suggestion:
You should select to test the campaign in your country first.
For example, you are located in Canada. You should select to include Canada in Customer location.
Extension suggestion to test feature: (Chrome)

Test it out:
Go to your Online store
Try to add match the campaign's condition you set up
The popup show/ auto-added the offer to the cart
Checkout with offer
Refresh to empty your cart
Try to use extension to change the location IP to another country (Recommend test on the Incognito mode)
Try to start from step 3 to step 5

Contact support

If you don't see any elements of the app show, feel free to contact us in the right-bottom corner. We are here to help you.

Updated on: 05/01/2024

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