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Campaign badge

A campaign badge acts as a way to let customers know which product has a promotion. 

In this article, I'll show you how to set up campaign badges on products that have promotions with our app BOGO+.

Setting up campaign badge

In the previous article, we've set up a "Buy 2 Cacao Bake get 1 Barry Bucket at 50% OFF" campaign. Let's make the badge appear on product Cacao Bucket on the collection page and production page.

Step 1: In the "Badge Customization" section, tick "Enable"

After you've configured everything in your BOGO including BXGY and BXGX campaign, scroll down to the bottom, in the "Badge Customization" section, and tick "Enable"

Note: If you still don't know how to set up a BOGO campaign, kindly visit this article

Step 2: Select badge type

You can choose between Rectangle (default) and Oval

Step 3: Customize the text inside the badge

In the "Badge text" field, you can type in the text that you wish to be displayed inside your badge. It's limited to 8 characters.

Step 4: Choose the position of the badge

In the "Badge display position" field you can choose the position where the badge will be displayed. We currently provide 4 options: Top-left corner (default), top-right corner, bottom-left corner, and bottom-right corner.

Step 5: Choose font size and text color

You can choose the font size and colour of the text

Note: The badge will be bigger as the font size increases. So please be careful.

Step 6: Choose the background colour of the badge

You can customize the background colour of the badge. The background colour option is set to gradient by default. However, you can also make the background colour solid (1 colour only) if you want to.

Step 7: Hit Save

Display on storefront

The badge will now be displayed on the collection page and production page.


Last but not least, our dedicated support team are right around the corner. Literally mean by the corner, you can always find and ask for support by clicking on the support button on the bottom right corner in app.

So don't hesitate to reach out to us via in-app chatbox if you face any issues.

Updated on: 08/08/2023

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