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FAQs| How does the app pricing work?

1. Do you offer a free plan?

Yes. Our app is completely FREE until you generate over 5 orders from the app. Orders that are not generated with the help of our app will not be counted. So feel free to keep the app even when you're not using it. You won't be charged.

2. How does this app pricing work?

This is a value-based pricing model. We only charge if our app is helpful and brings value to our users. The definition of value is the number of orders you generated from the app (orders that contain the product in an active Flash sale or Price edit task)
You will be charged on a monthly basis depending on how many orders you have in a billing period. Details of charge are as follows:
- 0-5 orders: Free of charge
- 6-100 orders: $6.85/month
- 101-500 orders: $12.85/month
- Over 500 orders: $19.85/month

The app fee will be charged via Shopify Payment, following the app usage charges workflow of Shopify.

3. How do you count orders generated by app?

Orders generated by app are orders which contain products included in active Flash sale or Price edit tasks of our app
Our pricing only applies to the orders generated by our app.

4. How do I choose a plan?

With the current pricing plan, you don’t need to choose any plan because the app fee is calculated based on app usage. Once you install our app, you will start using our app completely free until our app can help you generate over 5 orders.
You will approve the maximum charge of $19.85 on the charge page but only start paying once your store’s orders in the billing period reaches the 6th.
After your store’s reaches 500 orders, you will pay the maximum fee of $19.85 and, we won’t charge any more fees for the extra orders.

5. What is the billing schedule?

The billing period is monthly, and the amount is charged upon completion of the billing period. You can visit the in-app billing page to check your billing info.

6. How do you calculate the bill?

Once installed, we will calculate the orders generated by our app in your billing cycle (starting when you approve the charge). At the end of your billing cycle, we will send the tier that your store is on within that billing cycle to Shopify to request the payment for app charge.
However, Shopify will only send to you the app bill along with Shopify subscription’s bill.
For example, your store usually receives an invoice from Shopify on the 5th day of every month. In the diagram below, suppose you installed our app on April 20, the usage record created from this date will appear on the May 5 bill sent by Shopify. The usage record from May 5 will appear on the June 5 invoice. Although these two usage records are tied to the same app subscription, they appear on two separate invoices.

You can learn more about this charge workflow in this article by Shopify. Also, you can always keep track of your billing amount on the pricing usage page in-app.

If you have further questions regarding our app pricing, please feel free to contact us via chat, or email:

Updated on: 30/01/2024

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