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FAQs| How does the app pricing work?

1. Do you offer a free plan?

Yes. Our app is completely FREE with 1 active task & 50 product variants for the active task. See pricing details.

2. How does this app pricing work?

You will be charged on a monthly basis depending on your Shopify subscription plan.

The app fee will be charged via Shopify Payment, following the app usage charges workflow of Shopify.

3. Can I select a different plan than my Shopify plan?

No. BOGO+’s plans are created to match your Shopify plan with unlimited features on any plan.

4. What is the billing schedule?

The billing period is monthly, and the amount is charged upon completion of the billing period. You can visit the in-app billing page to check your billing info.

You can learn more about this charge workflow in this article by Shopify.

If you have further questions regarding our app pricing, please feel free to contact us via chat, or email:

Updated on: 17/04/2024

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