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Differences between Flash Sale and Price edit task

Hello store owners,
As many of you are confused about which task to choose to achieve your goal, this article will help pointing out the differences between Flash Sale and Price edit tasks to clear your confusion.

What is each task for?

In general, the Flash sale task and Price edit task are offered to serve different purposes. Knowing your purposes would be a good start to choose which task to create.

Flash sale task: To run a sale campaign for your store. This task will help you make discounted prices and add a compare-at-price to your products. It means you can only decrease the prices.
Introduction to Flash Sale task
Price edit task: To purely edit your product prices. This task will only affect your price or compare-at-price field based on your settings and doesn't show your product as sale. For the Price edit task, you can choose whether to decrease or increase the price.
Introduction to Price Edit task

Price display on storefront

On storefront, with Flash sale task, for most of the themes, your products will get an extra sale badge attached to the product. At the same time, both original price and sale price will be shown. For the original price, it will have a strike-through so your customers can be aware that the product is on sale, trigger them to grab the deal. Please refer to the image below

With the Price edit task, your product display will remain the same, only the price will change according to your price edit rule you set.

Countdown timer

For Flash sale task, since it is a limited-time sale campaign, we offer showing a countdown timer on your product page, to urge customers to buy.
The countdown timer is not available if you choose the Price edit task.

I hope this short guide will help you choosing the task better ^_^
Happy selling!

Updated on: 15/01/2024

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