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Introduction to Floating notification - Low stock type

Hello store owner!

This article will introduce you to the low stock notification. After reading the article, you should know how to properly set up your low stock notification.

1. What is a low stock notification?

Low stock notification is a notification to show low stock products to urge customers to grab the items as soon as possible.
You will need this type of notification when you want to trigger urgency along with a flash sale campaign or inform when products are back in stock

2. How to set it up?

Step 1: From the Notification page, choose "Floating Notification" then "Low stock notification"

Step 2: Choose notification layout

Layout: There are Portrait and Landscape layouts. You can see in preview and choose what you prefer
Color template: Solid color or Gradient color

Step 3: Edit content

Content: Edit the content on the pop-up. You can include some attributes to your message
{product_name}: Show specific product name
{stock_count}: How much stock that product has left
Data: If you use one of the attributes, you can choose where to get the data from
Data from Shopify: Automatically added from Shopify with product with low stock
Set manually: You can choose any product you want to upsell even if the stock is not low

Step 4: Choose display where the discount notification will show

Choose the landing page you want the discount code to show
Choose the position you want the discount code to appear: bottom left, bottom right, top left, top right

Step 5: Set up notification display logic

Choose appearance
Delay before first notification: Time that the notification will show after you visit the landing page
Display duration: the time that the low stock notification will show
Interval time: the time delay between each notification
Randomize interval time: the time that will be randomized (maybe more or less than 30% of the interval time you set). This is to make it more credible when customers see the notification

Step 6: Hit the "Save" button to save your settings

3. How to test your Low stock notification works

On your storefront, after successfully setting up your low stock notification (this notification should show on your storefront after activate)

4. Support

Last but not least, our dedicated support team is right around the corner. You can always find and ask for support by clicking the Live chat button if any problems arise

Updated on: 04/07/2024

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