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Introduction to Flashing tab

Hello store owners!

This article will guide you on how to set up a Flashing tab notification with our all-in-one solutions

1. What is flashing tab notification?

Flashing tab is a notification on browser tab to regain customers' attention and reduce abandon cart rate.
When customers add products to cart but switch to different websites, tab, browser tab will show customized messages to get them back to store and finish the purchase.
The flashing tab will display on the browser tab.

2. How to set it up?

In this instruction article, we will use this example of setting up a flashing tab notification with 2 different messages

Step 1: From the Home page, choose "Create" Abandon cart flashing tab

Step 2: Set up messages and eye-catching icon

For each message, you can
Choose an icon for the message to be more attractive
Set up your messages (at least 2 and maximum 4)
In the content, you can use attributes {item_count} and {product_name}
{item_count} is total items your customer abandoned in cart
{product_name} is the name of one item in the cart when you switch to another tab

Step 3: Set up Timing

Interval time (second): The time one message will appear before moving on to the next message

Step 4: Hit "Save" button to save your settings

3. How to test your Flashing tab notification works

After successfully setting up your flashing tab notification (this notification should show on your storefront after activate), you can test the notification with following steps:
Add a product to cart

Switch to another tab
The text on your browser tab will flash your messages to get customer attention as in the image below

4. Support

Last but not least, our dedicated support team is right around the corner. You can always find and ask for support by clicking the Live chat button if any problems arise

Updated on: 04/07/2024

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