Case background
Back-to-school is one of the grandest events for e-commerce. As stated in our blog article, back-to-school retail sales in the U.S. is predicted to increase by 7.5% compared to 2021. For this event, consumers will spend considerable money to prepare for their kids or themselves to return to school after a long summer break.

So would it be a great idea to have the campaign cross-selling different products? You can cross-sell items that aren’t included in the top-selling list with those that are.

Shop categories fitting this campaign
Apparel: Kids, Teenagers
Fashion accessories
School supplies
Office accessories

Campaign information
Campaign type: Buy X Get Y
Recommended discount type: Percentage or New price
Recommended discount value: 40-70% of the original product price
Time length: Within August
Special occasion: Back to school

Set up campaign
Step 1: From Shopify admin, go to app dashboard > Choose to create campaign “Buy X Get Y”

Step 2: Select the products you want to upsell, then choose a discount value for the product.

Since this campaign's purpose is to cross-sell, we recommend you give an intriguing discount value in the range of 40% to 70% compared to the original price of the product for the best performance of this campaign. But please note that the discount value should be up to your inventory cost and your gross profit.

We also want to suggest you give the offered product a percentage discount or a new price for the best performance of this campaign. Because it is a cross-selling type of campaign, it will be better if customers see a percentage discount on the product offerings, or a new price to attract customers to make purchases.

In case you want to have multiple levels of promotion, we would suggest you use the percentage discount type to calculate the level prices easier.

Step 3: To make the campaign noticeable, we can enable the campaign badge and campaign table.
The badge will show on the product thumbnail on the collection page.

And the campaign table will show on the product page, informing customers about the details of promotion levels.

Step 4: Check the campaign if it’s working.

In case it doesn’t work, feel free to contact our support team via live chat in-app.
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